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Thursday, December 15, 2016

What is being said #5: I’m a Mexican-American from a small town. Here’s why poor white people voted for Trump

Disenfrachisement is a buzzword of how people are explaining the motivations of those that voted for Trump. There seems to be a very consistent statement that many people feel left behind or forgotten and that Trump has made them feel recognized. The reality is that this stands so parallel to the feeling of being a marginalized group of Americans, such as the ones the left have identified like People of Color, LGBQT, etc.

Does anyone feel enfranchised?
Are these enfranchised the 1%?
Do these broad sweeping labels of people help or hurt the search for answers to harmony?

Here is one Mexican-American's hypothesis on why the poor white Americans voted in masses for Trump:


  1. Assuming and/or generalizing all poor white Trump voters, as having the same reasons for voting for Trump, is the first mistake in this topic. People vote for different reasons, I know a lot of people that voted for Trump purely because they hate Hillary Clinton. Trump is a shitty person, but Hillary is corrupt and fuck. For a lot of Americans, it came down to who they hated more.

    1. I can't claim any choice in this individuals choice in words, but its fair to say that with every passionate opinion is a high risk to choose the wrong words to have your message hold weight.