Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PDX: Voodoo Doughnut, Ex-GF's, and the boys they bang

So almost a month ago I failed to write blog entry chronicling my trip through Portland on the way to visit my mother in Bend, OR. Every time I go through PDX I have a responsibility to make some contact with one of the many people that helped me along through my drunken years in the Northwest. I had to leave this town once I got to a point where every stripper, bartender, and club-owner knew my name and liked me... it was the liking me part that was a bad sign. I was a Chef in the town for a place, now defunct but awesome in it's day called The Brazen Bean. I managed to work as a Pantry cook at another famous landmark that went under after more than 2 and a half decades called The Brasserie Montmartre. blah blah blah... I have to honor the food of the town sometimes too.

On this trip I made a point to call 2 ex-girlfriends. One on the way down and one on the way up. Oddly enough, Helix(not her real name, guess what she does for a living now... hmmm), was not from PDX days. I mether when I was a young 24 and she was a meer 19 in Seattle. We went to the same Audio Video school and we made some fun times in city. She was making some part-time money still working at the World Famous Voodoo Doughnut. This place has been featured on several shows and is as wacky as it is made out to be.
Nyquil filled.
Cock Shaped.
Peanut Butter and Rice Krispies.
Fruit loops and a whole assortment.
Regardless if you can adventure into trying these new monuments to white trashy food art, the place is awesome. The interior boasts some impeccable signage and the doughnuts are just as colorful as the staff. Make it a place to stop by after breakfast and before a stripbar and you wont regret it.

This part here is where I would have told you about my lovely trip to Deschutes Brewery in Bend, where they make Mirror Pond and Black Butte, but instead my mother got in a verbal disagreement and just drove around the parking lot instead. Moving on.

On the way back over Mt. Hood through snow in an un-chained honda 2 door I was excited about the thought of seeing my ex, BG. WE had met on another famous alt-pinup site as founding member and model and after I made my way through dating several of the models over a years time, it turned out the smallest blondest thing was the only libido that could stand up to Big Dirty me. Good things come in small packages. I hope that filthy pun wasn't lost on you.

I met BG with her husband, also a good friend of mine. We agreed to meet at Beulahland. She looked hot as ever but we all needed a drink to catch up. The beer was good and cheap and the sandwich, well I got a sardine sando. Delic! Not much to it, but it's good to know where you can get a diner that still serves this ol' euro classic.

We decided to grab another drink down the street at a place I recommend highly called, The Standard. Really cheap drinks and a great patio. Stop by for a new spot that hasnt got too hot yet.

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