Sunday, March 1, 2009

Antony and The Johnsons at the Moore Theater 2/28

This Saturday I saw Antony and The Johnsons at the historic Moore Theater with some very good old friends and some very good new friends including a agnostic priest and several fire performers. It was a soul-leveling experience. He is quite the phenomenon who's angelic likeness only seemed appropriate in a theater that seems like a lasting monument of a dying golden age of architecture. His blatant androgyny that bleeds into his vocals are the perfect compliment to his classically influenced yet contemporary piano stylings. The supporting band who don't seem to have anything to do with the name 'The Johnsons' were incredible as well. Each member of the string and woodwind section seemed to be a very well accomplished multi-instrumentalist. I think I was most taken by the clarinet player who took up the electric guitar on half of the songs to belt out some crunchy blues lines that although they were thick with soul and edge still maintained the ominous sanctity that Antony and his music seem to always create. 'You are my sister' and 'Epilepsy is dancing' seemed to have stolen the show for me. Anyone given the chance to see this group now will not regret it as I am sure their infamy is only growing. Please take a listen to the video below and maybe take some time to review the beauty and history of the Moore Theater.

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  1. We caught the show here at the 6th and I. Same place I dragged you to the Devendra show.
    It was my 2nd time seeing him.
    He is the most unique voice in music right now.